Terms of Use

1. Introduction

These Terms of Condition ("Terms") are a legal agreement that govern your use of the Prezence attendance solution ("Prezence"). By accessing or using Prezence, you willingly agree to be bound by and comply with these Terms.

2. Services Offered

Prezence, an innovative attendance management system, combines cutting-edge facial recognition and QR code scanning technologies to record attendance with precise location verification, ensuring a reliable and secure tracking mechanism for users.

3. User Responsibilities

Accuracy and Legality: Your commitment extends to verifying the accuracy and legality of all information provided to Prezence, including location data. Any misuse, intentional or otherwise, may result in account suspension or, in severe cases, legal action to uphold the integrity of the system.
Spoofing and Misrepresentation: The system prohibits any attempt to spoof location or manipulate attendance using third-party apps, GPS tools, or any unethical means. Detected activities of this nature will be thoroughly investigated and may lead to the termination of the user's account.
Authorization and Consent: Users are responsible for obtaining explicit authorization and informed consent from individuals whose attendance is recorded through Prezence. This involves communicating the system's functionalities and data collection practices, ensuring compliance with privacy standards.
Compliance with Laws: Users must operate Prezence in strict adherence to all applicable laws and regulations governing data privacy, attendance tracking, and related activities.

4. Data Privacy and Security

Data Collection and Use: Prezence collects specific personal data, including names, locations, and facial images for face scan authentication, exclusively for attendance management purposes. This data remains confidential and is not shared with any third parties without the user's explicit consent.
Security Measures: Rigorous industry-standard security measures are implemented to protect user data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. While these measures significantly enhance security, it's important to acknowledge that no system is entirely infallible, and absolute data security cannot be guaranteed.
Data Access and Retention: Users retain control over their personal data, accessible and modifiable through Prezence account settings. Data retention aligns with legal and contractual obligations, with securely implemented deletion procedures after the fulfillment of these obligations.

5. Disclaimer of Warranties

Prezence is offered "as is," without any warranties, express or implied. We explicitly disclaim warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, and any others arising from the course of dealing or usage of trade.

6. Limitation of Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by law, Prezence shall not be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from or connected to your use of the platform.

7. Refund Policy

Non-Refundable Credits: Upon purchase, credits for the use of Prezence are deemed non-refundable. Regardless of the nature of the transaction, whether it involves subscription fees, one-time purchases, or any other form of payment on the Prezence platform, refunds will not be provided.
Consideration Before Purchase: Users are strongly encouraged to carefully evaluate their needs before making any purchases. If uncertainties or questions arise, the support team at contactus@prznce.com is readily available to provide assistance, ensuring users make informed decisions.

8. Termination

Prezence reserves the right to terminate user access at any time for various reasons, including but not limited to a breach of these Terms. This measure is essential for maintaining the platform's integrity and protecting the interests of all users.

9. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

These Terms are governed by the laws of India, with any disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Indian courts.

10. Entire Agreement

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between users and Prezence, superseding any prior agreements or understandings regarding the use of the platform

11. Modifications

Prezence reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time. Users are responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms for changes, and continued use of Prezence after modifications constitutes acceptance of the updated Terms.

12. Contact Us

For any inquiries or questions regarding these Terms, please feel free to contact us at contactus@prznce.com. We value your feedback and are here to assist with any concerns or clarifications